If you’re responsible for the marketing of a hotel and you don’t have any video content, you need to keep reading!


Video has become the most important visual medium when it comes marketing. There are countless stats on the success of video marketing, but it’s important to bring them back to the industry you’re in, and reflect on how they impact your own business.

For hotels and other travel-related businesses, video is not just an essential component, it is now the most essential medium for communicating with your target audience. No other medium has the power to influence a consumer in the way that video does, and no other industry is as well suited to video as travel.

When you compare other mediums or forms of content, it’s clear that video is having a huge impact on the way travellers and holidaymakers learn and educate themselves about a place, destination or brand. For a hotel or any other business, it’s imperative to understand how these changes are taking place so that opportunities aren’t missed.

Here are 5 huge reasons why hotels need video:


Reason 1) 20% of users will read text, but 80% will watch a video on the same topic.

Think about how you’re communicating important information to your potential customer. You might have some amazing features in the rooms or an incredible menu at the restaurant. Only 20% of visitors to your site or content are going to read that text. But if you have it in video form, then 80% of those visitors are going to watch the video.


Reason 2) YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine.

Users spend 11 x more time on YouTube than they do on Facebook, and having a video on YouTube also improves search results for the same business on Google. Ultimately it’s imperative that you have video as part of your marketing strategy or your potential customers will find it harder to locate you by search.


Reason 3) Views of travel-related content rose 118% year on year.

It’s not just important to know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, it’s important to know that travellers and holiday-makers are using it more and more! If this is the place where travellers are seeking information and inspiration, then this is the place that you should be marketing your business.

And here’s the absolute nail in the coffin for any disbelievers of video marketing for hotels…


Reason 4) 50% of travel content users want to watch video ON THE HOTEL WEBSITE!

It’s not just about using video to entice new viewers in, they want to be educated about your business, your property, your destination, and they want to do it ON YOUR WEBSITE! They don’t even want to do it through a third party. They probably want to book direct as well. But if you’re not using video you’re giving them too many reasons to not find you in the first place, and then another set of reasons to find someone else once they do.


Reason 5) The right target market is consuming hotel video content

Think it’s only millennials consuming travel video content? Wrong. Recent data has thrown this theory out of the window, especially when it comes to travel and specifically hotel-related searches and views. Of those users that wanted to watch hotel videos, there is an even mix of users 25 years old and up, and more than half were 45 years plus. This means that your likely target audience is calling out for video on your website.

So there you have it – 5 big reasons to invest in video content.

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